Aim of the surveY

Datasama is the leading recruitment service specialized in Data-related roles in France. What makes us special is the fact that we are Data Scientists ourselves! We therefore understand the specifics of these new jobs and know how to assess candidates. But we are more than just recruiters. We like to advise candidates about the tools, languages and skills that are really used in innovative companies. With this survey, we inform them not by guessing but by crunching Data thanks to our data scientist toolbox.v


Twice a month we crawl, and in order to find all the jobs offers that have been indexed in the last two weeks within 25 kms around Paris, London, New-York and San Francisco. The choice of Indeed has been done for convenience as it indexes most of the job offers available on the Internet and also takes care of removing the duplicates. We then search for any appearance of Data tools and languages in each job offer (link) from the results pages. We therefore take into account both job offers posted on Indeed and external job offers automatically indexed by Indeed. Sponsored job offers are taken into account, but only once. We are not associated in any way with Indeed.

For the techies, everything was done with Python ;-)

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