Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics

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This MSc is a unique Big Data program. Students can combine business knowledge with the technical skills necessary to use analytic tools effectively and rise to leadership positions within companies.

The program encompasses Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Optimization, large-scale Data Management and more. Our MSc is designed for a broad audience: students with a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics background, but also tailored to varying professional backgrounds. It is a program with a relatively short duration (16 months). Thus, in a shorter time, students can get a really sought-after job, and they can advance more quickly.

Due to the increasing interest in Business Analytics in many sectors (e.g. IT, banking, aeronautics, etc.) graduates of our program will be very much in demand. High demand means higher salaries, and a variety of options. Graduated students will have the choice within various job profiles (Financial Analyst, Market Research analyst, Statistician, etc.).

This Master of Science prepares you for the following job categories:

  • Data Scientist, Computer Science-oriented
  • Data Scientist, Analysis-oriented
  • Big Data Consultant
  • Quantitative Analyst Modeler
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst Manager or Consultant
  • Business Intelligence
  • Product Analytics & Sales
  • Analyst, Sales & Delivery Analytics
  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Operation Data Scientist
  • Data Consultant
  • Machine Learning Data Analyst
  • Quantitative Studies Manager
  • Data Enabler
  • Data Visualization Consultant
  • Data Manager
  • Social Data Analyst

Professional expertise

8 Course units:

Analytical Theory, Methods and Models
Objective: The successful student will be able to describe theory and methodology of statistical, econometrics and business models.

Big Data Analytics
Objective : The successful student will be able to prepare the data, to build and estimate models and to extract insight from huge structured and non-structured datasets.

Objective: The successful student will be able to construct their own codes to manage and analyse vast amounts of information.

Artificial Intelligence
Objective: The successful student will be able to implement artificial intelligence techniques to get insight from vast amounts of information.

Data Management
Objective: The successful student will be able to process non-structured, semi-structured or structured information coming from many different sources.

Data Project Management
Objective: The successful student will be able to construct, monitor and control a project around data.

International Perspectives in Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Objective: The successful student will be able to build their own professional network and to facilitate their professional international integration.

Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Research Methods and Dynamics
Objective: The successful student will be able to write a high-quality scientific report on a topic related to data sciences, business analytics or artificial intelligence.

Soft Skills Certificate

2 Courses units:

Management and leadership skills
Objective: Acquire nine key competencies to lead teams and manage your professional career.

Career agility
Objective: Reveal your talent and make evolutionary choices in accordance with your deep aspirations.

Consulting Mission

For the account of prestigious TBS partner companies, students, coached by the professors, carry out a strategic diagnosis aiming to analyze its competitive position, then propose strategic and operational recommendations to meet its challenges

Master Thesis

Objective: Increase your brain agility to anticipate and solve complex business issues in your field of expertise.

In-company Work experience

Students may carry out an internship in the company of their choice for a period of 3 to 6 months.

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