Artificial Intelligence Systems

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The aim of the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Systems is to provide senior-level executives with high employability in the AI and Data Science fields.

The program will enhance their broad professional skills, including scientific and technological as well as personal and commercial. Emphasis is made to ensure that graduates will have:

  • An open-mindedness and curiosity facilitating the understanding of economic phenomena related to globalization.
  • A French socio-economic and socio-professional culture,
  • An ability to present and defend a project in a variety of complex contexts.

The heart of this program is to train international and national graduates to solve complex problems using AI techniques and tools by gaining a solid background in mathematics and programming skills. A balance of scientific and technical training is offered, updated and supported by continuous research.

Fresh insights are provided to societies and their cultures and to the evolving business environment, providing graduates with a global understanding of the impact of AI techniques, thus guaranteeing them substantial potential for integration and evolution in business.

Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer.

Semester 1 – Foundation Semester

This semester has two main objectives:

  • Unify students’ knowledge, independent of their current level, by establishing a common scientific background in mathematics and programming as a prerequisite for future semesters
  • Culturally integrate students, thus reducing their culture shock via French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses, an integration program introducing French culture and civilization, a coaching program and daily immersion in campus life.

S1 Foundation Semester

Big Data Programming

Algorithms & Data Structures

C & C++ Programming

Java & UML Programming

Parallel Programming

Python & Algorithm Workshop: Initiation

Python for Big Data

Relational Databases

Cultural Integration

French Language Program MSc (A2)

Interculturally Adaptation

Team Management

Foundations of Mathematics

Linear Algebra for Data Science

Numerical Analysis using Python

Probability for Machine Learning

Logic & Knowledge Representation

Semester 2 – Core Semester

The aim of this semester is for students to understand Artificial Intelligence and the building blocks used to construct its systems. The knowledge and experience obtained in the core semester will enable students to put their knowledge acquired in the foundation semester into action.

S2 Core Semester

Cultural Integration

French Language Program MSc (A2)

Interculturally Adaptation

Team Management

Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Data Privacy by Design (GDPR)

Introduction to Machine Learning

Introduction to Neural Networks

Management of Data Science Systems

Data Science

NOSQL Databases

Operations Research I: Linear Programing

Operations Research II: Optimization for Data Science

Bayesian & Unsupervised Methods for Machine Learning

Introduction to Artificicial Intelligence

Digital Transformation

Introduction & History of AI

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Semester 3 – Excellence Semester

This semester provides students with a panoramic view of all Artificial Intelligence Systems and how to apply them in the various domains of life. Students will acquire the necessary savoir-faire to appropriately use analytical tools in each system. It is perhaps the most appealing semester combining academic action and real-life exposure to AI systems.

S3 Excellence Semester

Action Learning

Application – AI in Cyber Security (Elective)

Application – AI in Marketing (Elective)

Application – AI in Medical System (Elective)

Application – AI in NLP (Elective)

Application – AI in Smart Building: IoT (Elective)


Big Data Architecture & Cloud Computing

Data Visualization

Multi-Agent Systems

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

AI in Signal & Audio Processing

Computer Vision & Image Analysis

Introduction to Efficient Programming & GPGPU

Machine Learning for Cloud: Corporate Conferences Week

Natural Language Processing

Recommender System

Cultural integration

French Language Program MSc (A2-B1)

Data Science

Deep Learning

Statistical Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning


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