Computer Science - Data Science & Analytics

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Master II
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The program provides a good foundation in machine learning and programming along with practical experience.

The aim of this specialization is to combine computer and statistical sciences to develop top edge tools to efficiently deal with data processing (Big DATA) and to learn how to develop methods, algorithms and software. It provides also a combination of technical classes in data mining and distributed systems joined with essentials in business to prepare profiles who are highly valued by the professional market.

The DSA program is an opportunity for IT engineers and specialists to differentiate themselves and advance their knowledge in a field that will be paramount to the future of business.

Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer.

S1 Fundamental Semester

Business Exposure

Business & Technical Writing

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Project management (#1)

Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration Workshop

French language program MSc (A1)

Getting over the culture shock

Technical Skills

Advanced Algorithmics

Data Flow and Computer Networks


Information Technologies Overview

OOA & UML & Java

Operating Systems: Unix

S2 Common Core Specialization Semester

Advanced Management & Engineering Science

Change Management

Cross-border Management

Knowledge Management & Innovation –Theory and practice

Business Exposure

Career Project


Corporate Finance

International Week

Project for Research & Innovation (#1)

French language program MSc (A2)

Technical Skills

Applied Statistics for Engineers

Digital Risk Management

Fundamentals of Human-Centered Design

Introduction to Data Science with Python

S3 Data Science & Analytics

Business Exposure

French language program MSc (A2-B1)

Project for Research & Innovation (#2)

Enterprise Information Systems

Advanced PM: Scrum / Agile

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehouses

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Green ITIT Strategy, Software Costs and ROI.

Data Science

Advanced Machine Learning

Big Data Architecture

Deep Learning

Optimization for Data Science


Data Visualization

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining

Social Media & Web Analytics

Statistical Models and Regression

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