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The Data Science Masters offers a unique two-year academic programme, whereby students study data science, innovation and entrepreneurship at two different leading European universities.

Students acquire in-depth technical skills in scalable data collection techniques and data analysis methods. They learn how to use and develop a suite of tools and technologies that address data capture, processing, storage, transfer, analysis, visualisation, and related concepts (e.g., data access, data pricing, and data privacy).

At the same time, they also acquire extensive business skills by learning how to bring an innovation to the market and developing a successful business model. These additional entrepreneurial skills will give students their ticket to a successful career.

All EIT Digital Master School programmes follow the same scheme:

  • Students study one year at an ‘entry’ university and one year at an ‘exit’ university in two of EIT Digital’s hot spots around Europe.
  • Upon completion, graduates receive degrees from the two universities and a certificate awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.    
  • The first year is dedicated to basic courses to lay the foundation. Some elective courses may also be chosen. At the same time, students are introduced to business and management. During the second semester, a design project is combined with business development exercises.    
  • In between the first year and the second year, a summer school addresses business opportunities within a socially relevant theme.    
  • The second year offers a specialisation and a graduation project. The gradation project includes an internship at a company or a research institute and results in a Master thesis with a strong innovation and entrepreneurship dimension.

Data science is a highly innovative area. The Data Scientist simultaneously masters scalable data management, data analysis and domain area expertise to extract key knowledge and solve real-world problems. Data scientists’ skills are highly valued across all fields within the private sector, government and non-profit organisations.

Professional careers : This program will prepare students for careers as Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineers, NPL Engineers, Data Analysts...

S3 - Semestre 3 HCID EIT Digital

Tronc commun

Fundamentals of Situated Interaction

Fundamentals of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Advanced Programming of Interactive Systems

Design of Interactive Systems

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Thesis

10 ECTS au choix

Advanced Design of Interactive Systems

Advanced Evaluation of Interactive Systems

Interactive Information Visualization

Scientific Visualization

Photo-Realistic Rendering

Gestural and Mobile Interaction

Internet of Things and Human-Machine Interaction

Mixed Reality and Tangible Interaction

Intelligent Multimodal Interaction

Virtual Humans

Groupware and Collaborative Work

Creative Design

Digital Fabrication

HCI Project

Audio synthesis

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Career Seminar


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