Data Sciences & Business Analytics (DSBA) - Centrale Supelec/ESSEC

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Master II
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Choosing the Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics means you will enjoy studying at up to three campuses. Two of these are around Paris (ESSEC and CentraleSupelec), the third in Singapore (ESSEC). Regardless of your campus choice, however, you are sure to pursue your degree in a spacious, conducive environment for you to reach your highest potential.

The Master combines faculty resources of a Business School and an Engineering School, in Paris and Singapore, to provide a unique one-year intensive program –or two years program, depending on previous degree and professional experience- for students with educational backgrounds in economics, management, mathematics or sciences.

Our promise to future students is that you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of scientific models and methods.
  • Boost your imagination, creativity and critical thinking.
  • Lead changes in business practices, technologies and tools
  • Succeed in managing complex projects.

This program will prepare students for careers as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Business Analyst.

During the first year, you will take foundations and core courses on Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Management; some examples are: Algorithms, Optimization, Econometrics, Strategy, Analysis, Probability, Statistics, Advanced Programming, Business Law, Management Control, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology Management, etc. During your second year, you will follow the same structure of the one-year program.

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